Love the website. I hired 3 individuals before Mark, and paid deposits. Only one company completed the task but with the wrong city and location, and with so many errors it was embarrassing. Mark listened and did everything I asked him to do. The price was reasonable. I am delighted and have recommended him and will continue to do so.
Diane Hartog,

Internet Marketing Stebbins MediaHarness the power of the internet – for your business

The term “internet marketing” covers a broad spectrum of services.  We are constantly researching and developing the latest trends to ensure you the best chance for success online.  With our systematic and comprehensive approach you will be walked through every step of the way.

Website Development

Your website is quite possibly the most critical element to your marketing plan.  Your business will instantly be judged based on how well it looks, performs and conveys information to its visitors.  We are masters on the web and can build a site to suit almost any need (we do not work on NC-17 themed projects).  We take into consideration how your business looks across all platforms including desktop, mobile phone and tablets.

In today’s fast-paced environment websites need to be updated as quickly as your business.  This means, with or without an IT department, you need the ability to make changes to your website now, which is why we give you full control of your online presence.  Though our customers are often impressed with our website development skills, they are even more taken with our console-based system that allows you to update, manage and maintain nearly every aspect of your website with ease (and without an IT department!)

Of course, making your web presence unforgettable takes a bit of planning which is why we work through a detailed design process with each customer.  Over the years, this unique process has come to include:

Needs Analysis
You know what your business needs and we know how to make those ideas a reality which is why evaluating your company’s needs is crucial to producing a website that you will love.

Having designed websites for hundreds of business owners, we know your bottom line is of utmost importance.  After review your site’s needs we use our expertise to find you the most effective options within your budget guidelines.

Content Gathering
We will work with you and your team to track down company marketing material, copy, logos and other existing media so that we can effectively incorporate and update your existing branding as needed.

With the aim of creating easy-to-navigate professional websites, we use fresh, simple and clean lines in our custom web designs.  For those companies who don’t require a custom design, we have several template designs that bring the same feeling of professionalism for a more conservative budget.

Content Generation
Our designers work with you to suggest and develop content, pages, articles and other items that will be relevant to your industry and help make a lasting impact on your site’s visitors.

After the initial design has been approved, our developers build your site to your specifications, ensuring functionality as well as the ability for the website to load regardless of the browser being used.

 Site Reveal and Review
Once the initial development has been finished, we will post your website at a temporary location so that you and your team can see the final product and test the site’s functionality.  We will compare the website to your initial needs analysis to ensure we’ve accomplished our original goals.

Going Live
After carefully executing our website launch preparation, we breathe life into your website.  Your new website will be seamlessly integrated with your existing domain name so there is no down-time when transitioning from old website to the new website.

Content Management System
Stebbins Media’s Content Management System (CMS) is one-of-a-kind program that gives you your rightful control over your company’s website!  No more waiting for brochures to be uploaded or for your next blog post to come out, with the Content Management System you can make real-time web updates immediately using several key features of the our system.  Contact us today for a free demo.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a necessity for all businesses.  While facebook or twitter may not be right for every business there are plenty of alternative marketing channels out their that can be utilized to your benefit.  Everyone can take advantage of social media marketing in some way, shape or form.  Since each business is unique, contact us today to set up a free marketing evaluation and we can begin putting together a strategy that works for you.

SEO copywriting

Writing content for your website that is SEO (search engine optimized) friendly will help your site climb the rankings and drive more visitors to your website.  There are very specific rules and techniques to follow to truly maximize your potential, put our team of SEO copywriting experts to work for you today.

Blog Development

We are frequently asked: Why does my business need a blog?  Blogging an awesome inbound marketing tool that is still wildly under-utilized.  We understand that blogging takes time and that is usually something you don’t have much to spare.

Do you want more visitors to your website?  Start blogging.  Better yet have one of our SEO copywriting specialists start blog writing for you.  Blogging is a great way to add more fresh content to your website on consistent basis.  This information gets indexed into the search engines and becomes an opportunity to send more visitors your way.

Convert traffic into leads
While your blog post should always be educational, , about 99.9% of all blog posts have some sort of call to action.  This encourages readers to click further into your site or direct them to a specific product or service.  You can even create a landing page that is specific to the content of the blog post that contains a simple contact form.  Once the visitor fills out the form you now have a warm lead for your sales staff.

Establish Authority and Build Rapport
Once your blog has been read and you have addressed common questions that your customers have, it will help establish you as an expert in your field.  This is great when it becomes time to make a buying decision because the reader already trusts you.  Salespeople in particular can really benefit by writing educational/informative blog posts.  It will help generate leads and close deals.

Drive long-term results
Another great thing about a blog is that once it has been posted, it can generate leads for day, weeks, months and even years. Unless you take it down, the information will stay indexed and available to the public.

Give us a call and we can start creating your blog today!


There’s a fine line between SPAM and true email marketing.  We flat out don’t do SPAM.  We’ll craft and create your email, program it to meet with the best practices and upload it to the email service provider of your choice.

Email is a great way to inform current clients of promotions and valuable information.  It’s important not to “over-do” it and we’ll make sure your strategy is sound when implementing an email campaign.