Stebbins Media did a GREAT job working with myself and my staff to get our site up and running. The best part is that someone is always there to answer questions throughout the process and kept us under budget.
Dave DeGeorge,

Video MarketingSee what the power of expert video marketers can do for your brand.



We have brought together some of the most talented copywriters and script writers in the DR and Entertainment industries.  With thise group of experts your messege will be clear, memorable and truly worth mentioning to others.


While the equipment we use is great, the people behind the camera are even better.  We make sure that the lighting is correct and the shots are meaningful.  Our team will get to work to bring your story to life on all screens, big and small.


Lights, Camera, ACTION!  It's time to make your business at STAR!  We guide you every step of the way to get your message out to the masses ultimately creating more customers and sales.


Post Production is where the magic truly happens.  Our team of editors, sound and graphic designers are some of the best in the industry.  We can


Now that you have everything ready to show the world, let us put your video in all the right place.  We can update your website, youtube channel, facebook account and more!