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Why You Should Have A Custom Web Site And Not A Template

Custom web design offers the newest and latest unique ways to represent your business online. When creating a custom web site one must ensure that the web design is SEO friendly as well as user friendly.  These layouts reflect your web presence deeply by demonstrating the strengths and exclusivity of your business. Custom web sites are the absolute best choice for small, medium, large organizations as well as individuals. It’s …

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Save Money With Stebbins Media

Our Best Marketing Deals Are On Facebook

Did you know that our Facebook fans get special treatment?  That’s right, each month we post money saving offers that can include anything from discounts on printing, custom designing and even websites.  Make sure to check us out frequently because you never know when the right offer may meet your needs.   Become a fan today and start saving.


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What to Do BEFORE You Start Your Blog

There are no real hard-defined rules for starting a blog, but there are tasks you can complete before a full launch that will help you gain footing a bit faster than if it the steps completed after the fact.

If you haven’t yet decided upon a domain name yet start researching domain names by looking into a keyword tool.  A very popular choice is Google AdWords Keyword Tool.  Type in the …

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Custom Websites

Why you should invest in a custom website

Custom websites are more important now than ever.  With the advent of cheap and and sometimes free web templates popping up all over the web it’s easy to settle for a quick fix.  We even offer templates of our own that our clients have used (although we always tweak them to help match their branding).  However, to truly brand yourself and separate your business from its competition, you absolutely should …

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